21 April 2020


Sweden, ongoing

In 2013 I started to travel with my father.  Every summer. My father name is Ulf, which means wolf and he lives in Sweden. In 1996 he had stroke after having lost all his earnings during the Swedish mortgage crisis.

I never spent much time with him unfortunately and I grew up in Italy with my mother. Only postcards carried my father voice from this exotic land. After my mother passed away I wanted to try to reconnect with him. How can you fill this unbearable void?

My father bought an old Volvo with more than 300,000 km and I started to drive him through all his beloved Swedish landscapes, towns and hills he has not seen since his accident.

I discovered a place that was hiding in my blood and slowly we started to talk.

“I am coming to Milan to see you and Bibi for a week. I hope we can have a nice time together. I am like the reindeer on this picture I see you and Bibi in the distance. With love. Ulf.”